Aizonic provides consultancy in big data and AI. We are operating internationally to innovate and implement the best data-driven solutions for our clients.


We know that big data and AI are just a means to an end. Starting from the business case, we will dive into the customer journeys of your organization to maximize the potential of your data.


We are nerds. Data-nerds, to be precise. We love architecting, programming, scripting, modelling, and data wranging. Oh, and we're pretty good at it too.


We work with the latest and greatest tools and technology, with a preference for open source frameworks. We act independent of any supplier or product manufacturer.

Intelligent. Scalable. Enterprise-ready.

Our engineers and data scientists combine tech skills with industry knowledge to build awesome AI solutions


We are not restricted to certain technology or vendors. We evaluate each client's needs and infrastructure to determine the best tailor-made architecture.

Big Data

AI is the result of a clever analysis of data. We help organizations to organize their data, and to gather open data from the internet in a properly managed data lake. Once this is in place, modern tools can query and analyze the static and streaming data sources to enable true business value.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning (ML) is what drives AI. We know our stuff when it comes to neural networks, deep learning, genetic algorithms, NLP, regression, random forests, and so on. And we don't keep this knowledge to ourselves! We're happy to provide training or bootcamp sessions to get you started.


We're experts in running models in production (in the cloud or on-premise) and improving them continuously, once our clients are satisfied with the initial results. We create secure API endpoints to expose the results of the models, and build attractive websites and dashboards to visualize the data.

We are AI pragmatists. Rather than theorizing the use of data, we come from idea to implementation quickly.

Use Cases

AI can be applied in many use cases, for many industries. The pragmatists of Aizonic can work in any field. Below are some samples of industries where AI plays a crucial role.

Marketing and Sales

In online marketing and sales, data is the key to capture the customer's interest. Big data and AI can produce relevant ads and content, such as actionable insights and personalized recommendations. Aizonic is an expert in creating a feedback loop which ensures that results get even better over time.


AI is an ever-increasing important part of any bank, insurance company, or FinTech organization. Good data and algorithms are essential when it comes to credit decisions, fraud detection, and trading. In those use cases, AI systems take the form of robo-advisers, helping the financial experts in their work.


Hospitals and doctors have to deal with increasing amounts of data, and increasing complexity of diagnosis, treatments, and drugs. AI can be used for better analysis to increase patient satisfaction and reduce costs, whether you are a radiologist, surgeon, cardiologist, or general practitioner.

Want to work on cool AI projects for the smartest companies?

We are always looking for tech talent! Are you a qualified data engineer or data scientist and ready for a new challenge? Or are you a graduate, looking for a traineeship? Let's grab a coffee and discuss the options!

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Aizonic was founded in 2019 by Bas Geerdink. After working for 15 years in the fields of business intelligence, big data and AI, Bas decided to launch his own company to make his expertise available to more companies. Bas holds Master of Science degrees in Artificial Intelligence and Informatics, and is an expert in anything data related. He is a frequent speaker on international conferences and meetups on big data and AI.